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As in most countries in terms of global climate change and market competition principles, greenhouse farms are being created and expanded in Azerbaijan.Roads and infrastructure are being built in the complex. Special attention is paid to hygienic cleaning. In the production process, only organic fertilizers and medicinal preparations are used.Pollination is carried out by means of worker bees.


Employees of our enterprise operate in accordance with the labor legislation, which recognizes the terms of the labor contract and the obligations envisaged in them. We prohibit such actions as child labour, which is contrary to the Labor Code, the employment of employees more than the term in the contract.


Fully automated greenhouses are controlled by local and foreign specialists. The collected product enters the logistics chain of the greenhouse, where it is sorted, processed, packed and delivered to consumers on time without losing the quality of the product.

About us

Agroland CJSC is an enterprise that started operating in 2017. The activity of the enterprise is mainly the cultivation of agricultural products by the greenhouse method. The greenhouse is designed in a modern way based on high quality and the latest technologies. At present, the greenhouse covers an area of ​​83.6 hectares. Address: Khazar district, Mardakan settlement, 10/76


Aghayev Bahlul


Valiyev Elvin

Chief Agronomist

Ali Hikmet Shener

Project Manager

Mammadov Tahir

Manager of Sales Department

Khalil Coshkun

Chief Accountant


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Ensuring the development of the non-oil sector in the direction of increasing the efficiency of the economy and increasing the competitiveness is one of the main economic priorities of our state. The production and processing of agricultural products, one of the priority areas of the non-oil sector, has been identified as one of the main sectors of the economy.New intensive technologies are widely used to take real measures to fully meet the country’s demand for grain, accelerate the process of creating large grain farms. In this direction, important measures are being taken in our Republic, new seed farms are being created and modern agricultural techniques are provided. KRAUN KO-R LLC is the largest producer of grain products in Azerbaijan. KRAUN KO-R LLC is owned by tens of thousands of hectares of fertile land, as well as grain storage warehouses. The application of these methods not only increases efficiency in production, but also allows for the sustainable use of Natural Resources. Agro-Land-Az LLC and KRAUN KO-R LLC are proud to represent Azerbaijan with honor in the world.

Address: Baku City. N.Y. Narimanov district, Ziya Bunyadov House 118 E, block 2061, AZ-1029.

Contact phone: +99450-403-58-58


Technology Production Country
Netafim irigation climate system Israil
İnta irigation climate system Spain
Hogendoorn irigation climate system Holland
Timfog fog system  Turkey
Genfog fog system Turkey
Greencom gutter system Turkey
Teknoser gutter system Turkey
Crone heating system Holland
Waterland reverse osmosis system Turkey
Crone Co sistem Holland



Short Description
Type: single
Color: pink
Weight: 110-250 grams
Maturity: fast-growing
Plating conditions: greenhouse
Sustainability: fungal diseases and leaf pallor


Short Description
Type: single tomato
Color: pink
Weight: 200-220 grams
Maturity: medium ripening (115 days)
Plating conditions: greenhouse
Sustainability: Nematode / Klsdosporiosis or brown spot / Verticiliosis fading  / Fusariosis fading


Short Description
Name: Delta Pink
Fruit type: avarage size
Fruit weight: 100 – 110 grams
Fruit quality: Long-term
Single descent
Resistant to viruses
Storage conditions: greenhouse


Short Description
Name: Anamur F1
Strong, productive
Suitable for export
Color: Dark black and bright
Shelf life: Long
Storage conditions: greenhouse


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Address: Khazar district, Mardakan settlement, 10/76

Phone: +99450-250-66-12   +99455-201-40-50 


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